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Etsy is a reputed and renowned e-Commerce site primarily known for handcrafted goods and antique listings. It has a growing community all over the world. Because of the increasing competition in the e-commerce marketplace, it’s critical to focus on various aspects of the business’s development, which led us to the opportunity to offer:

Etsy account management virtual assistants for:

  • E-commerce sellers
  • Businesses

Our Etsy account management executives are well-versed in the newest e-commerce technologies and tools required to keep the account running successfully. Managing an e-commerce account is a time-consuming chore that our e-commerce account management experts can convert into a seamless journey.

Our efficient and result oriented services include:

  • Product Listing

If the seller hasn’t previously done proper account management, our Etsy Account Managers will register them on the marketplace. We perform the arduous task of cataloging things. Our experts concentrate on each product when they post it on the marketplace to avoid mistakes. They save a lot of time by creating listing data and uploading photographs in bulk.

  • Customer Support

Interacting with customers and receiving timely feedback helps consumers learn more about the items and increases the seller’s activity level on the e-commerce marketplace. Our Etsy Account Management virtual assistants make it a point to connect with both buyers and merchants to assist consumers in resolving their issues and building brand confidence.

  • Listing Optimization

We also help companies place their listings at the top of search results by optimizing product information, including many keywords, resulting in more clicks and views. Listing optimization is essential for organically increasing the visibility of items in front of a broad audience, allowing the company to earn significant profits.

  • Order Processing Procedures

Regular order processing, like client acquisition, is an important activity for e-commerce retailers, and it’s critical to process orders swiftly and without delay. With their remarkable multi-tasking abilities, our Etsy Account Management Virtual Assistants discreetly manage orders, shipping, and billing.


  • Virtual Support

Furthermore, we provide end-to-end services for your ETSY account. If you need any assistance regarding your online store, sales, optimization, and account creation, you can reach us.

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